Monday, June 28, 2010


Nice is a word I dislike.... it aggrevates me. I'm not sure why. Someone once tried to find the reason why, but I could offer no explanation. She is a nice girl. Nice doggy. What a nice dress. What a nice little old lady. Nice girls don't, but they do really. It seems a polite word. An excuse for a description when nothing else will fit. It is a word I find devoid of true emotion.

Except contradictory as it may seem, that is exactly how Saturday was... nice. The weather was nice. For a mid winter's day the sun was out and there was no breeze to chill the air. The park was green and pretty, even with naked trees there still was some autumn colour left in others. All backdropped by the Australian native bushland.

The company, yes he was... no I'm not going to say it .... lovely, maybe perfect in fact. Contrary to his bad boy looks (don't nice girls always go for the bad boys?). A decent man, and yes he was tall and strong and good looking, relaxed and could handle my gentle stirring. Polite and goodness a gentleman. At the risk of offending the feminists out there, I still do enjoy having my bags carried for me and the politeness of being offered to lead the way. It makes me feel like a woman.

Several hours later of enjoyable company, a stroll through the park, the sun setting behind the hill bringing shadows and the coolness that belongs to the evening, the day was over... finalised by a strong, safe and warm hug and brief kiss .... a natural way to the end the day.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Date day

D day arrives.

I have connected with someone. A lovely looking guy, strong, tall and who appears sincere. His friend had joined him up to the site, well he "thinks she is a friend". He suggested meeting up for drinks, and lets me make the choice.

Me being me, no it couldn't just be drinks somewhere, instead, why not go for a late picnic. I'll bring the drinks and cheese and biscuits and he the picnic rug. Sometimes I have to wonder at myself, what makes me do these things.

I still wonder why my details are listed on the site. Perhaps it was from the gentle concern one of my on-line friends had about my "social" life. Don't get me wrong, I do have a social life, I am constantly out with friends and family and sometimes don't make it home. But it wasn't this aspect of my social life he was concerned with. So perhaps I am doing this, just so that I can report back that yes I have had a hot date. I really am not ready for someone permanent in my life again, I am enjoying myself as things are. Enjoying whatever may come from life.

So here I am about to meet a stranger, in the middle of a park for a picnic. Another of life's small adventures.

Date scam

Single and beautiful as my best friends describes me. Single I will accept. Although I don't actually feel single, then again I didn't feel unsingle when I was in my past relationship.

I get bored easily. Boredom is my enemy. I get restless and maybe a bit reckless.

So boredom strikes. I post my details on an on-line dating service that has been advertising constantly through one of the apps I use.

Within a week, I am involved in a Nigerian scam. I get contacted by one of the most stunning guys ever, the smile, with laughter lines drew me in- you know the saying - if it's too good to be true, it isn't. Contact is made, emails and chats exchanged, photos exchanged. Included are photos of his children, happy beautiful children.

The story so far, widower, two children, looking for a partner to share lifes ups and downs. He is currently overseas working in Nigeria, building a company for an Italian firm, yes alarm bells have started pealing. A few more days of chat and then horror of horrors, his wallet has been stolen, with all his money and he has no food for his children, could I send him money through Western Union.

Those bells have started tolling loudly. Following some internet research, yes onling dating scams do exist, profiling is utilised to choose their opportunities. And I fall into this profiling. Except, while there was still that small amount of anxiety in case there were two children, I am wise enough and not that desperate enough not to do research before I act.

So a lot of laughter between myself and my best friends over my life experience and a report made to the Queensland fraud squad. I do have this overriding desire to try and contact the person who's identity has been stolen to let him know, not necessarily for his sake, but that of those two beautiful children. I know this a difficult task, how many people in this world have photographs posted? Way too many. But with a bit of luck and a bit of magical intervention who knows. I do know one thing for sure, my identity/photo is probably now being utilised to lure unsuspecting people in, hopefully not, but realistically yes.

Friends of a difference

Through various sources I have made a number of on-line friends, that I chat to regularly and they have become part of my life. Two of my closest friends are on-line friends. I have received comments from some people in my life that I need a real life, so to those who receive similar comments, one of my on-line friends I have met. She is a beautiful, zany, fun, full of life person - her hair colour matches her life and I adore her to bits. My other on-line friend I am hoping to meet in October, someone with such a beautiful soul and yes he is staying with me during his visit, crazy, maybe, but real very much so, and October can't come soon enough. My two friends are meeting at this very moment, if only there were better air schedules, how fun it would be to join them as a surprise.

So yes there is real life out in cyber space. And as I argue, I would much prefer to communicate with people online in my spare time than to sit infront of tv and be bored witless.

I have made other friends, overseas, as one of them calls me, his spirtual friend. He is fun and sends me bits and pieces of his adventures in life, good and bad, problems and good times shared.

Another connection, as we call it, I have made with a lovely lady who I share sea adventures with, collecting sea glass and treasures and wonderful views and lighthouses, when she spends time on her local coast.

Maybe one day I will meet these special people in my life too.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


  • Accommodation booked - check.
  • Leave approved - today.
  • Book flights - after leave approved.
  • Contact people - once arrangements are completed.

As part of the craziness my life is evolving into, I have this urge to go to Sydney. Well not necessarily Sydney, just the urge to travel. It is a case of not planning and just doing. And why Sydney? To catch up with people who may not be there for a definite time. So why not? Take the opportunity as it presents.

Performance Appraisal

Ok, performance appraisal time... well guess it is the opportune time to push forward what I want from work. I have this need to be busy, over inundated with work, I work better under pressure, give me time and I will take it and waste it and become bored and restless.

So achievements noted, objectives listed. Of course linked into his achievements for the year.

Boss is impressed, but is that intimidately so? Or he is actually seeing what is behind this ultra cool laid back PA. He prefers the informal chat method. Which is fine as he only needs to read, take in and agree.

20 minutes later worth of mindless chat, some apologies from him and no disagreement to objectives, so I take that as agreement. It also provides the stimulus for him to think of other areas of involvement I can be part of.

Take and learn and move on.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Life takes funny turns. Life is what we make it. But what if we don't really know what we want from life? How do we know that we are living it?
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