Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas just isn't Christmas without knickers

Phew, time to sit back and relax after the last couple of days.

I love this time of year, the excitement, the buzz, the craziness, the catching up with friends and family (whether that is in person, making surprise early Christmas morning telephone calls, or emailing / facebooking / blogging out the Christmas wishes and cheer).

But it is nice to find some time to sit back, relax and enjoy the days that have been.

As predicted Christmas Day reached into the 40's (100's F) with the bluest and clearest of skies. It still makes me giggle though how, in Australia, we still recognise and decorate Christmas with snow scenes! Even though families celebrate in the airconditioning, down on the beach or picnicking under the shade of a large park tree.

Whilst we may not have snow to add to the magic wonderland feel of Christmas, we do have the Australian Christmas tree. It's luminous yellow flowers, brightening and cheering the parched surrounding bush at this time of the year. The tree also belongs to the mistletoe family, ahhh all the smooching that can be done under one of these! (and we will forget the fact that it survives due to it's parasitic nature).

With the mild temperate winters of Western Australia, and the lack of chimneys, Santa usually has to find alternate means to deliver his cargo of gifts to those that have been good during the year.

And what Christmas wouldn't be complete without the obligatory pair of knickers in the stocking, thanks Santa (uhh mum :)), hopefully I will fit into them with all the chocolate consumed over the last couple of days.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Oops has it been that long since I last blogged? Oh well that may have to be a next year's resolution.... perhaps, because to be honest, I'm as good at those as I am at producing regular blogs!

I just love Christmas, it's my favourite time of year, filled with lots of special memories. In particular that of Christmas mornings, even before the sun had chance to peep through the curtains (still haven't got me there Mynx), my Dad would call down from my parents' bedroom, crying out "Has he been?", "Has he been?". My sister and I would scramble excitedly out of bed to the lounge room to find the Christmas tree lights shining brightly over a multitude of different coloured parcels in random piles over the floor, the port and fruit mince pies that had been left nearby devoured.

Patiently waiting (what seemed an eternity, but was only a matter of minutes) for mum and dad to join us, we would distribute the presents one by one, making sure everyone had one to open. Opening each one and showing what we had, my dad would hoard his until the end, taking more pleasure out of watching us open our gifts. Then tormenting us by watching him open his to see what he had.

Over breakfast we would go through our gifts again, reliving the enjoyment of each one, while mum got ready for work. Mum was a nurse at a nursing home and always worked Christmas morning for a few hours, getting the residents ready for either their relatives to collect them, or those who didn't have anyone and were spending the day at the home getting them ready for the Christmas celebrations. The nursing home and staff made such an effort for those that were staying in to celebrate to ensure that they had a great festive time.

We would drop mum off at work and then come home and help dad get Christmas lunch preparations underway. And even though it would be stifling hot, he insisted we still had the glazed ham, stuffed turkey, usually a roast beef or pork, with roast potatoes, carrots, sprouts, beans and heavens knows what other vegetables. Mum would have organised the desserts the day before, usually pavlova, trifle and Christmas pudding, so the fridge was already heaving.

Then back to collect mum. My sister and I would spend time with each of the residents in the Christmas-decked-out lounge room, wishing them each a Merry Christmas and telling them about the gifts Santa had left us and what we would be having for dinner and who would be coming over to enjoy it. I never realised until much later how they enjoyed having my sister and me (and other children of the staff)coming and going throughout the day sharing part of it with them.

Getting back home preparations would be in full progress, tables being set, dinner constantly being checked, Christmas outfits changed into, before friends would arrive to share the day with us. Christmas Day was always an open invitation so friends who couldn't make Christmas dinner would visit later on in the afternoon and evening. Christmas Day at home was always full of excitement, food and drink and close friends coming and going and sharing the day late into Christmas night.

Now much probably to the horror of some, I must scoot and get a few last minute presents I still need to find - yes it's all part of the excitement of Christmas for me, the last minute shopping, crowds, wrapping gifts late in the evening. But before I do, try and take a few minutes to think of all of those people working over this Festive season, the nurses, doctors, health workers, police, firemen, support persons and their families making their small contribution to Christmas for us.
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