Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just another Sunday...

"Remove your jacket and tuck your top in, it will be more comfortable".

Sure, if that is going to make me feel any more comfortable than I am... not. "Arms to your side and relax". I stand in front of her, my black top tucked securely in my vibrant blue bra.

It had been a fairly quiet weekend. Well compared to the previous weekend's adrenaline pumped weekend, where I had completed my first trial bike ride, 42 km of gravel dirt track, downhill being the ultimate rush.

So this Sunday, restlessness started to creep in. By lunch time I had made up my mind. I mean I had been intending to do this for some time now.

I look down at her and admit that I'm not normally good at this sort of thing. My problem is that I had Googled the subject and read all the gory details. Her pretty face smiles reassuringly at me, "it will be quick and you won't really feel a thing, the worst part is making the decision". She seems to be enjoying this more than me, I smile wryly.

Calipers in one hand, marker pen in the other as she marks two dots, measuring carefully. "Ok relax again," as she examines the marks she has made closely.

Metal clamps are removed from a sterile packet. I avoid looking at the other packet. She clamps my skin. "If I give you the clamps just hold tight and lie down on the bed". I make my way to the black vinyl covered bed and lower myself onto it, holding onto the clamps firmly. While she unwraps the other sterile packet.

Staring at the ceiling, listening to customer voices in the background. Strangely, I thought I would feel more nervous than this.... no butterflies... no stirrings in the lower stomach.... no nausea. I put my surreal calmness down to the glass of sparkling I had at lunch time and conveniently forgot about when completing the consent form.

Closing my eyes as I lay there, she takes the clamps from me. "You'll feel the bed move up. Relax and put your arms comfortable. You might want to put that arm to the side, just in case you jerk". I move my right arm off my stomach and lay it to my side.

"Ok, relax. Deep breath in". I suck the air in deeply, eyes still closed. I feel a pressure against my clenched skin and for a brief instant the skin being broken. I tense more at the sensation rather than the brief moment of pain.... although I couldn't really call it pain, not pain how I had envisaged at any rate.

"Another deep breath in." The air rushes into my lungs as I feel the sensation of the teflon encrusted jewel being inserted into the piercing. Not an uncomfortable feeling, just an unusual feeling. The top gem ball needs to be changed as it is not screwing onto the teflon bar. Quickly the new replacement is put into place.

"Ok, would you like to have a look?", she asks smiling. I stand and turn to the mirror, slight redness above the new piercing, but all I really notice is the sparkling purple gem, I had chosen when I first entered the room, shining at my navel. I smile broadly. I love it and thank her. She smiles back at me.

Instructions and saline solution are provided for the aftercare. I will need to return in about a month's time to have the teflon bar trimmed. She writes her name on the provided instructions and tells me if there are any problems at all to give her a call or to come in and see her.

Making my way back to the car, I take a photo with my phone and email it to my sister, the only words... I've done it :). I also send a quick text message to the cub, knowing he would be laughing at me and my drama queeness about the whole procedure.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Note to self

Note to self: when allowing a tall, cute, blonde, air crewman to use my phone to take a photo.... Give him enough instruction so he doesn't inadvertently get to my photo album, especially the photo of this month's bare chested, all ab Mens Health mag pin up.... What a laugh tho!
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