Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn, Tweenies, Heists, Booboo Stewart and a Simple Dude

I have a reputation to keep up.  It's the cool aunt rep.  It's a hard life, keeping up, being on the ball of all things cool.  So what does this cool aunt do?  Why, of course, takes her tweenie nieces to see Breaking Dawn... such a struggle! 

I'm not sure what is more exciting / amusing, going to Breaking Dawn or being enveloped in the pure tweenie excitement of the Twilight franchise frenzy.  The excited chatter all the way to the cinema with what is in store for us... to the pre-pubescent awkwardness of:

"I hope there's no kissing", from the youngest.

"Ummm.... well .... there is a wedding, there is a honeymoon and a baby on the way... I think that there might be some kissing". 

Which then leads to the discussion of the difficulty of being an actress if you have to kiss someone you don't know and what if they are married? All part of being a professional actress... and I'm sure there are some actors that you would pay to be kissed by, she will understand one day!

The other cool thing to do, is to break the rules...

"Oh look!  Posters, great you can take them home!". 

"Don't we have to pay for them?". 

"No, they are just laying here begging to be taken home".

I don't explain to them the marketing aspect of having promotional material, there's no price sign, and really what is the worst that can happen, one of the counter staff, says "Oh excuse me you have to pay for them?" Live dangerously I say.

Well maybe not that dangerously... especially when it comes to the naked, in bed scene (yes I still live in fear of my younger sister's wrath... shhh... cool aunts don't admit to that)... so hands come up to cover young eyes... fortunately to the sound of giggles... and the explanation when hands come down and the bed has near-collapsed and feathers are floating from a torn pillow... oh a giant chicken flew in, landed on the railing and it collapsed... fate helped seal this explanation... when in a later scene Bella is cooking chicken, the obvious fate of the chicken... wow such a cool aunt... how they believed me... when we get home and still gushing about the movie... one of them says... "Wish I had seen that chicken part!"

Talking of all things Twilight... some exciting news.  Booboo Stewart, who plays the young, cheeky wolf Seth Clearwater, is in discussions to play Aaron Stevens in the forthcoming The Pineville Heist movie, by award-winning screenplay writers Lee Chambers (Director) and Todd Gordon. 

And the The Simple Dude has joined The Pineville Heist frenzy, with an awesome giveaway happening... there is $100 to win and some paperbacks up for grabs... check out the details here just by reading Lee Chambers' action-packed, adrenaline filled, novel The Pineville Heist.  Who doesn't want to win a little bit of cold hard cash?

Oh and did you know.... you don't need a dedicated e-book reader... you can download the software and read it straight off your laptop/computer/smart phone/iPad/tablet... awesome! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

This little piggy....

This little piggy went to the Rundle Mall.
This little piggy the rubbish bin trawled.
This little piggy snuffled for truffles.
As this little piggy gazed at the Mall shuffle.

Ok, so I never admitted to being a poet laureate and poetry really isn't a favourite... but what better way to introduce you to the next postcard I received in the The Great Postcard Campaign

From a great friend, that most of you will know...Mynx . The postcard has a special significance to me... a visit to the pigs, dancing in fountains, the discovery of chips on a stick, ice cream, wine, chocolates, gourmet food, all in the company of Mynx, when I visited her home town last Easter... fun times.

So if you want to find out a little more about the Great Postcard Campaign, click on the button to the right.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Postcard from Abroad

Life (insert work) has been totally crazy ... so much so that the weeks have merged into one and I honestly can't tell you what day it is.  Roll on this weekend (how many days to go?) when I have some definite me time, a girls' sleep over and some much needed time off.

Finishing late yesterday evening, I stopped off at the post office.  It was time to stop avoiding the bills that may have arrived, and to my surprise instead I had this waiting for me....
Wahoo all the way from Canada.   What a fantastic way to finish a long day to find a postcard waiting for me from fellow blogger Average Girl at It's an An Average Life . So a very big thank you for the gorgeous postcard.

Now if you want to know how this came about, pop over to The Ramblings of Charlie Brown.  It is all part of the great Postcard Campaign, and what can I say, it is awesomely cool to find a postcard from abroad when you least expect it.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Another perfect day, warm enough for a walk along the beach, but still a bit too cool for swimming...

Oh and if you are wondering, the closest thing that I came across that looked like a snake? Yep this caterpillar....

Friday, August 26, 2011

Spring has sprung....

..... well nearly, only 6 more days!  However, spring has already made an appearance at a local wildlife park.  I was fortunate to have been given access to the koala nursery.  Check out these cuties:

And this little joey...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Intrigue... murder... and a bit of Twilight: The Pineville Heist

Intrigue... murder... an adrenaline rush for survival... with a bit of Twilight mixed in... just one of the adventures I have recently been caught up in, which has drawn me away from the blogging world.

Now that I have you hooked into a deep fascination as to where this is going, I have to confess it is the new debut novel, The Pineville Heist by award winning director and writer, Lee Chambers.

An exciting young adult novel that kept me guessing until the final page.

Already receiving rave reviews:

"An electrifying debut! The Pineville Heist is the very definition of thrill, energized with edge-of-your seat action and suspense", US Review of Books

"Lee Chambers' debut novel delivers hairpin turns with every page. I loved it. It's impossible to put down", Dana Micheli, Writers in the Sky

"A good actioner for young adults. Chambers has talent and a fine visual sense and he does a good killing. When the bodies drop, this writer rises to the occasion", Hubert O'Hearn, Chronical Journal

"An enthusiastic five stars!", Amy Jones, Walleye Magazine

"An amazing read for all. An adrenaline pumping, page turning thriller", Amanda's Chicklit

The novel centres around Aaron Stevens, the son of wealthy businessman and Pineville mill owner, Derek Stevens, who share a tenuous relationship at the best of times. Overhearing the Sheriff and Deputy discuss a recent bank robbery that occurred in the small town of Pineville, Aaron realises he may have seen the robbers and their van earlier in the day, following an argument with his father. He divulges the information to two of his closest friends and they decide to skip class to search for the stolen money.

As luck would have it they come across the robbers' hiding place in the woods, however are soon disturbed by the robbers return. The boys flee. Aaron finds safety under an upturned canoe, where he is witness to a murder and discovers the satchel of money. Managing to escape the scene, Aaron frantically heads for the safety of his school where he confides in his young drama teacher, Amanda Becker. The safe sanctity of school doesn't last long as one of the psychotic robbers hunts him down.... Will Aaron and Amanda survive the night of the Pineville Heist????

Also exciting news for Twilight fans, is the novel is soon to be a major motion picture!!!! And wait for it..... with Booboo Stewart (yes Seth Clearwater from the Twilight series) expressing keen interest in playing the lead role of Aaron.

And wouldn't Booboo be perfect to play the part! Wahooo!!!!!

If I haven't tempted you to read the novel yet, check out the official teaser for The Pineville Heist.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Great Postcard Campaign

JD over at The Ramblings of Charlie Brown has come up with a fantastic and fun idea... the Great Postcard Campaign.

Rather than just receiving junk mail and bills it's the opportunity to receive real mail... in the form of a postcard.

This fits right down my alley as when friends and family go on holiday, the expectation is that they send me a postcard... because I just love receiving real mail.

So if you are interested in the Campaign and receiving a bit of happiness just pop over and add yourself to the list!

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