Friday, November 4, 2011

This little piggy....

This little piggy went to the Rundle Mall.
This little piggy the rubbish bin trawled.
This little piggy snuffled for truffles.
As this little piggy gazed at the Mall shuffle.

Ok, so I never admitted to being a poet laureate and poetry really isn't a favourite... but what better way to introduce you to the next postcard I received in the The Great Postcard Campaign

From a great friend, that most of you will know...Mynx . The postcard has a special significance to me... a visit to the pigs, dancing in fountains, the discovery of chips on a stick, ice cream, wine, chocolates, gourmet food, all in the company of Mynx, when I visited her home town last Easter... fun times.

So if you want to find out a little more about the Great Postcard Campaign, click on the button to the right.


  1. Hmm, I think I might have some very incriminating photos of one Miss Twilight sitting on about pig art. And dancing in the fountain.

    So when are you coming back so we can do it all again?

  2. What goes on in Adelaide... stays in Adelaide Mynx lol!


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